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New City hall Tivoli

Germany | Kastellaun

Client City of Kastellaun
Author BEMOA | DAP studio
Size 1400 sqm
Year 2022

The project idea arose from the analysis of the context, both on a local and on an urban scale.
Throughout the area in which the town of Kastellaun is located, large green spaces, partly cultivated and partly wooded, can be seen from above, interspersed between the inhabited centres with geometric shapes and well-defined edges. On a local level, this strong dialogue between green spaces and urban development is also present in the town of Kastellaun, both within and on the outskirts of the town.
The project of the new City hall Tivoli  can be defined as a building landscape in which natural and artificial elements are mixed.
The site of the new City hall is located on the edge of the historic centre and overlooks the expanding city, which is characterised by a thin structure and large voids. This strong contrast is reinforced by the difference in height at the edge of the building site, creating a kind of natural boundary. In order to integrate the entire site into the city web, a well-fitting principle was designed, a flowing open space design without a front or back, in which the new city hall building assumes the function of the local pivot.