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Concorso di progettazione

Nuova scuola media

Germania | Holzkirchen

Commitente Comune di Holzkirchen
Autore BEMOA | DBA Group | P´arcnouveau
Dimensione 5000 qm
Progettazione 2021

The new middle school building is positioned on the eastern edge of the plot with two square, slightly offset structures on the ground floor and a two-storey block placed on top. The new middle school is directly attached to the elementary school and sports hall. Clear room volumes are defined towards the public space and a generous, contiguous open area is generated on the south-west of the plot, which can be used as a schoolyard for a variety of activities but also quiet areas. The aim is to create a future-oriented school building that takes into account the specific requirements of the modern school with new and different educational concepts. A defining element of the school are two inner courtyards, which also form a large communicative communal zone around them on the upper floors – an extended learning space. An exchange with students from other years is possible here, for example through the exhibition of works or on an informal level.